sandpiper912: (pic#879558)
sandpiper912 ([personal profile] sandpiper912) wrote2011-11-26 06:33 am

Holiday Nightmares

I was singing with my sister, "One" by Three Dog Night.

When I was a little girl, my mother was the choir director for our church. We were compelled to sing at the drop of a hat to prove how good my mother was at her passion. Unfortunately, while my voice is pleasant enough, I do not have the range, timing or skill to match my mother's compulsive need to prove she had talent. Or to match my sister's amazing talent.

After every impromptu performance, I would get a beating, for performing poorly on purpose so that my mother would look bad. I don't think it ever crossed her mind I just wasn't that talented. The number of impromptu performances increased during the holiday season.

At least today I woke up before the beating part. And the first nightmare waited until after Thanksgiving. So good thing there.

The sad/sick part? I miss singing with my sister.

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