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I have been with my beloved for almost 4 years.
We are very happy together, but being poly people, we date other people.
And my dating success rating is not very high.

First there was the woman who was "me, me, me" all the time. Any conversation had to center around her. Any plans had involve her. Anyone who wanted to date her had to eventually want to date her exclusively. As I am monogamy-challenged, that didn't last more than one date.

Then there was the woman who was okay with dating other women in theory, but when it came down to actually holding hands, hugging, touching, snuggling or kissing, she would freeze up like a Montana lake in February. As I am an exceptionally touchy-feely sort of person, that didn't last more that two dates.

Then there was the woman who was angry about everything. Everything sucked and everyone was stupid and the universe was out to get her. As I am a person with a happy heart, that didn't last more than three dates.

So I was a bit leery when I got a message from a friend that said,"I just met the coolest person. You would love her." But I agreed to go out with her for dinner, just to see if my friend was right.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

She was smart, funny, educated, with amazing stories about growing up in Australia and traveling to different places in Asia. She's openmindedly poly, her current beloved is dating two other women, and she was dating another man as well.

So we went out together for New Year's Eve, when I learned she was a great kisser.

So we went out again tonight. And she's made it past the third date.


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