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Now that I have my car and my license, I've had the time to do yoga before going to work.

Yoga serves two important dynamic functions for me. On a physical/earth level, it strengthens my body, promotes flexibility and helps the moderate to severe osteoarthritis I have in my back and hip. Yoga also promotes physical relaxation; I store a great deal of stress in my jaw, neck and back and yoga relaxes those muscles so I am more comfortable.

On an energetic level, it makes me aware of my energy flow, makes me focus on what is extra, what is missing, and what is damaged in my energy field. I then can remove, correct or repair for a healthier energy, and therefore a much more positive attitude for the rest of my day. And being aware of my energy flow also ensures that my connections to deity, ancestors and allies are strong and active.

But like anything else, yoga has latent dysfunctions too.

Being more aware of my body means that I am more aware of things that I usually suppress by will; pain, hunger and weakness. Getting through my day is often an extreme exercise of will, on the physical level as well emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Without yoga, the physical is easiest to suppress; with yoga, it becomes the hardest.

Being more aware of my energy flow means that I am also aware of the energy flow of those around me. I don't have as many problems with those that are negative as I do with those that are damaged. I have the urge to help without the means or permission. I am also more aware of the spirits of place, some of whom are quite unhappy or mischievous.

And as yoga strengthens my energy field, it increases the "Dresden" effect(for those of you that haven't read the books, Harry Dresden is a wizard in modern Chicago that has an adverse effect on electronics). As I work with computers all day, the "Dresden" effect can be really annoying.

The benefits of yoga outweigh the dysfunctions, so I will continue to practice.


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